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Here’s a collection of blogs that I enjoy and try and keep up with. They aren’t listed in any particular order. I’m really looking to re-live the nostalgia of early webrings in the pre web2.0 era. Infact, at some point I’m going to have to move this blog off GitHub pages so that I can start experimenting with some of the IndieWeb functionality…

Drew Devaults Blog - https://drewdevault.com

Drew’s blog has been something I’ve long followed. He’s the guy behind SourceHut which has quickly become my favourite spot to host projects. He has a long list of projects that he works on outside of that, but almost everything he does is open source in some way. His blog contains a bit of everything from software to politics.

Rosano - https://utopia.rosano.ca

Rosano is someone I had known a long time ago. We drifted apart for some time.. and then randomly discovered that we had both ended up working in software somehow. Rosano has had the courage to do something I have never been able to - dedicate himself to making things better. We all like to make things better for people as things cross our path - but Rosano seems to made it a lifestyle choice for him. Part digital nomad part philosophy, his blog is something I subscribe to via email because I don’t like to miss a post. He also has a wonderful podcast where he talks to non-celebrities wherever he finds himself.

Dave Winer - https://scripting.com

Dave has been involved in the creaction of RSS, almost all of the surrounding tooling, and a bunch of uses (OPML, Podcasts, Blogging?). He was also my first introduction to the world of outliners and rivers of news. He’s also really easy to get in touch with if you’re interested in any of those things. I definitely recommend checking out his blog, if only to keep up with the tools and projects that he works on.

Caleb (Zalaah) - https://cardboardmachete.com/blog

Zalaah is a pretty well known member of the Persistent Browser-based Gaming community. He’s got a bunch of different games out and still manages to find time to be very involved in the community. He has some really interesting posts on his blog about the approach he takes with various components of his PBBGs and the technical minutae around it.

Gaffer on Games - https://www.gafferongames.com

Glenn’s website is the primer on working on multiplayer networking for gaming. In addition to incredibly detailed posts about things like “Building reliability over UDP” or LERP/SLERPing. When I was first starting out building multiplayer systems in gaming his blog (andeventually the video posts) were absolutely vital to geting going. If you’re ever curious about that stuff I definetely recommend you take a peek at their site and take plenty of notes.

Posted Monday, February 05, 2024

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