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An RSS reader view

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The river is nice.. but there are some blogs that I like to actually keep up with. But I do only remember sporadically.

I was a big user of Google Reader.. which was killed quite suddenly. I tried numerous alternatives but I just never found one I liked. Maybe this newest addition to the river can be it.

There’s a second reader view that displays the feeds, and also read/unread counts for all of it.

edit: It comes to my attention that I’ve used the words “Reader View” incorrectly. It’s not a stripped down view of the content. It’s more of an “RSS Reader View” where the view resembles what you’d expect of a more traditional RSS reader as opposed to the “River” view.

Posted Friday, February 09, 2024

Source: http://xangelo.ca/daily/2024/feb/reader-view-river/, 2024-02-09