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The Disk Is Slow


"The disk is slow" is one of those things that most programmers take for granted. Yes it is slow given the speed of other components. But rarely have programmers taken

Anachronistic Programmer

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Anachronistic Programming I've decided to repost this article that I originally posted on September 17, 2013 while cleaning up the blog archives from when I was using Fargo. I want

Becoming a web developer

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Becoming a web developer The web is a big deal. Like, a HUGE deal. And the people that make the web have been thrown from their basements into the limelight.

Git core.autocrlf

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Git core.autocrlf Linux is my development environment of choice. It wasn't always - I used to do all of my work with XAMPP and Windows, but eventually I got

Making vim your IDE

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Making vim your IDE I freaking love vim. Every so often I spend a couple weeks checking out another IDE to make sure I'm not missing anything and then I

Lines of Code


Lines of Code Lately there's been talk again about "Lines of Code" as a metric for progress on a project. The idea is, developers are being graded based on how

Graylog2 Server Setup

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API Logging with Graylog2 - Server Setup This is a two-part piece. Normally, I try and stay away from these, but the setup process can be a little long. The

Proxies 101

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Proxies 101 At it's core, a proxy is a service that is designed to act as a "middle man". That is, if there are two parties (Website, You) that are